12 Tips To Smarten Up Your AdWords Strategy
12 Tips To Smarten Up Your AdWords Strategy

Google is a widely used search engine. Most of the online searches are made on Google compared to other search engines. You can develop a smart strategy to make a strong presence of your business online. Paid advertising is effective in promoting brands. Google AdWords is the most effective PPC platform. It has the largest search market in the world.

Using these tips you will not be wasting your AdWords budget and get optimal results for searches. This is the most common mistake committed. Removing duplicate keywords will make it easier for you to track performance. It makes it easy for you to monitor and analyze the data for performance. 

  • Bidding On Competitor’s Name

You can create a bid in the name of your competitor and get potential clients. You can show your competitors clients that you have better products and services that they might purchase. These kinds of ads bring better ROI because you already have prospects who are interested in your product.

You, however, cannot make ads pretending to be your competitor. Though you can bid on their names, you cannot use their names in words.

  • Eliminate Negative Keywords

Optimize your ads so you can remove negative keywords from the add. Examples of negative keywords are the ones that do not fetch you conversions such as ‘free’, ‘jobs’ or any other keyword in the searches where the users are not looking to purchase or avail the services. 

  • Good Keyword Score

Monitor keywords to check if they get a good score to boost your reputation and get better conversions for the budget you set. This will minimize the cost of your ad campaigns. You should optimize low scoring keywords and eliminate the ones that do not bring results. Keeping a good score will let you choose keywords and delete which are not performing at all.

  • Split Ad Groups

Check the size of the ad groups to see if they are too large. You can split it if it has more than a dozen keywords. Your ads will score better and you will get better conversions doing this. You will get better user engagement. It is easy to analyze the performance of ads doing this.

  • Monitor Keyword Search That Converts

Monitor, every keyword searched by users that converts. Analyzing these keywords that direct them to the landing page will let you know of new keywords that are performing. You can see what users are typing to land on your page. You can optimize your pages and search for relevance based on these searches.

  • Delete Non-Performing Ads

You can get better conversions when you tightly analyze ads for non-performance as you will not be wasting your budget on these ads. Look at the click-through rate to check which ads are performing so you can know which ones to eliminate easily. You can also check the conversion rate of ads to know which are not performing well.

  • Use Space Provided Optimally

Every ad template that you choose comes with a set of space provided. You can fill it with relevant text as well as URL and use the space optimally. You can post relevant content using the space provided in various fields of the ad. You can also use various ad extensions such as site links, callouts, snippets, etc. Explore Google Optimizer to find more options. 

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Using bids for keywords using these options you can get a better click-through rate for lower CPA. You can choose as many relevant options as you want to boost the CPA rate of conversions.

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  • Create More Than One Goals


You can create more than one objective you want to reach with a campaign and track those goals. You can look at various metrics and analyze how to optimize the campaign to get a better conversion rate and clicks. You can analyze sales better and improve the performance.


  •  Remarketing List


Remarketing lists are powerful tools to get better conversions as you are targeting prospects who are already interested in your brand. When you have offers in what they are already interested in, you have a better chance of getting conversions and click-through rates. You can optimize your bids for the remarketing lists to getting a better conversion rate.


  •  Spend On Top-Performing Campaign


This works well and brings better conversions with those who are working on a tight budget. Set a maximum budget for the top-performing campaigns. Once you acquire conversions and revenue on these campaigns, you can spend on slow performing campaigns.


  •  Ads With Different Timelines


Your ads will appear at different timelines in a day. This is a good strategy to get a better click rate and conversions. A few ads perform better during the day time and a few in the evening. Check the performance of the ads during various timelines and reschedule them as per the performance rate. You can get a better picture of how the ads are performing in various timelines by analyzing the data.

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These are the best tips to perk up AdWords strategy to get a better click-through rate and conversions. With this tool, you can create better brand awareness and promote your products and services. 

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