We return to the routine and, in addition to recovering schedules, we want to recover the health of our skin and hair, but how can we do it? We give you the keys.

ontinuous exposure to the sun, sea salt and chlorine in swimming pools are, among others, factors that negatively influence the health of hair and skin. In addition, during the summer and holidays we tend to use products that contain more chemicals to protect us from radiation, making our skin and hair drier, making it important to maintain hydration of our largest and hair worthy of a shampoo ad . For this reason, one of the month’s goals is to recover hair and skin after the summer. With these five tips, showing off hair and perfect skin will be easier than ever.

Keys to recover hair and skin after the summer:

Food rich in vitamins: we are what we eat.

Get skin and hair They look healthy and bright, it is not exclusively about taking care of the exterior, since we would focus on aesthetics but not on the main thing: our interior. ‘We are what we eat’ perfectly summarizes the idea that a balanced and natural diet is essential to improve our appearance, so a varied diet rich in vitamins is essential to recover the dermis. To look healthy and beautiful skin you have to take care of it and feed it from the inside, using juices, smoothies and complete salads, for example, there are also formulas such as Beauty & Go with drinks such as Skin Revive that contains vitamin C and manganese, which contribute to the proper functioning of the metabolism and regulates the formation of collagen, which improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin.kombucha that, in addition to helping us show off skin, improve our entire interior.

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Hydrates your hair and welcomes essential oils. 

Maintaining complete hair hydration is the first point for success. During the summer months the hair receives a series of external aggressions that must be resolved with an extra dose of hydration. Restorative argan oil line of Hask is great because its products, based argan oil, are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol and artificial colors. Another brand that we love when it comes to recovering our hair is Lush with a lot of masks, shampoos and conditioners that, in addition, have some scents that make you fall in love.

Combing the hair carefully is essential

to avoid breaking the hair, so it is recommended to start brushing from the ends and once it is untangled, go up towards the roots, contrary to how we usually brush our hair. There are brushes that help us not break our hair, such as Tangle Teezer or wide-toothed combs with space between each one.

Serums, much more than just the face. 

The serums for skin are the flagship product to give a shot of energy to the skin during the days before the arrival of autumn and there is also great for hair. In addition, serums are the best option when it comes to optimally and effectively tune the skin before a change of season. For example, although they are not the only ones, we have the IT’s SKIN line of serums formulated to achieve a specific intensive treatment for each skin need and obtain height results. An easy and simple way to ensure that the ravages of summer have no impact.

Masks speed up the recovery process. 

The masks perform a deep cleansing of the skin and make it look more uniform and luminous. Some like the Body Shop ones are great for acne, marks or dehydration, we also have the 7th Heaven that has a wide variety of masks for the face, hair and feet, in order to achieve a complete hydrating treatment , so necessary after the summer.

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