The prices of hardware have dropped over the last decade, but it is literally irresponsible not to care about the hardware that is installed on the equipment. This statement becomes true especially for the hard drives. Hard drives are considered as the most valuable things that store the data and information of the system, thus, it is important that it should be given the most excellent care possible. Some or the other time, you’ll have to face that the drive will fail. But it is important that you take some of the steps so as to prevent these hard drives from facing premature failure. So, in this article, you’ll find some of the important steps that are recommended by the professionals and experts of the laptop repair shops for taking care of your hard drives. So, let’s start with it!

You can find a number of applications that will examine the status of your hard drive. These applications also monitor several features. Like, one of the free tool, named ADM, will help you in checking the temperature of hard drive, the percentage of free space and more. This application will send the user an email if something goes wrong with the hard drive. These alerts are an effective method of preventing the hard drive failure.

  • Watch out the nearby environment:

You would be unaware of the fact that the PCs get jammed in the small cabinets with almost no flow of air. If there’s no circulation over there, then the machines will eventually turn hot and will result in decreasing the lifespan of the internal parts. Thus, instead of fixing your system into tight and airless spaces, it is important that you provide them with enough ventilated area. If you’re still cramming for close spaces, then you must manage to add up a fan so as to pull out warm air out of the space.

  • Watch out for static electricity:

According to leading laptop repair shops, you won’t be aware of the fact that static power is considered as the opponent of the computer peripherals. And thus, when you touch them, make sure that you ground yourself. This statement becomes true especially in the winter season. If you getting shocked after you touch the internal parts, then it is important that you take extra care while touching those drives.

  • Defragmentation of the drive:

A fragmented drive is one that is pushed off to work harder than it actually does. Thus it important that you use the hard drives in the well-organized states. This step includes defragmenting the drive. To stay on the safer side, you must set your laptop to automatically defrag on a weekly base. This will help you in extending the life of your hard drive by keeping the arrangement of the files in a more compact manner. 

  • Go with a solid state drive:

Solid state drives are just like the big flash drives, thus they have no moving parts. Without much moving parts, the expected life of the hard drive would be longer than compared with the drives that consist of the bearings, platters and read heads. However, it would cost you more but eventually it will result in offering a longer lifetime. This also means that there will less chance of drive failure and if it does, then data recovery is faster than usual.

  • Benefits of power save:

In every operating system, you can easily organize your hard drive so as to twist after a certain period of time. In the previous operating systems, it was seen that the drives would spin 24/7 which would ultimately result in reducing the lifetime of the drive. But for this, you can make use of the “Balanced Power Savings plan”, which turn off the hard drive functions after 20 minutes of idleness. If you take breaks often like 20 to 35 minutes, then the drives would go to sleep after certain minutes of inactivity. This will result in stopping the drive from spinning at that moment.

  • Back up:

Eventually at some or the other time, the hard drive will crash. Doesn’t matter how much cautious you are or the number of steps you take for preventing the failure, but in the end the hard drive will crash. Thus, it is crucial that you take solid backups on the regular intervals. By backing your data and information on a regular basis would ensure that you aren’t losing out important information even after a hard drive failure.

  • Tighten the loose screws:

Loose mounting screws can result in too much vibrations and it can harm the platters of the regular hard drive. Thus, if you hear the vibrations from the system, then check for the loose screws and tighten it or you can also contact the laptop repair shop.

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