YouTube is a booming platform with many millennials and people starting their business ventures on it. Even brands are creating their channel on YouTube to promote their business more, and why not, it is a popular platform.

It is the second largest search engine, and if you are creative, you can influence a lot of people, and become successful. So, if you want to start a channel on this platform, do your research and follow these tips.

Here are some tips that will help you start your YouTube channel the right way.

1.      The time to start the channel is now

If you have been thinking of starting the channel for a long time now, it’s time to stop thinking and do it. So, start the channel and start recording. The first recorded video doesn’t have to go on YouTube. It is just for you to know whether you enjoy making videos or not.

The first video is always weird, but it gives you the chance to learn how to edit, make better videos, use better marketing strategies and so on.

So, keep trying to make videos and start now, so that you can finally start posting.

2.      Do content planning

You must do content planning for your channel. Don’t dive into making videos without having a strategy. So, figure out what kinds of video you will be making- vlogs, or travel videos or tutorials or a combination of all.

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Having a theme and a direction will help you come up with original topics and ideas and uniquely present them. It will also aid you in creating engaging content for your channel and ensuring that people click and watch the full video.

It also refers to what your goal is, and it needs to be from the perspective of the viewer. What they want to gain from a channel is what you need to sell. Moreover, make sure you know how you will distribute your content- once a week or twice a week or so on. Figure it out, and be consistent with that.

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3.      Understands how the platform works

Create one or two videos and create a channel and upload them. Don’t publish them, if you don’t feel ready, but start. It will push you to learn exactly how the channel works. You need to know what type of content your audience likes, so you will have to do the research.

  • Also, learn the right way to create titles, banner images, playlists, and so on.
  • Explore all features of YouTube so that you can work better, and get more subscribers.

4.       Purchase the right equipment

Initially recording the video using your smartphones is okay. But if you want more subscribers, you need quality videos, and for that, you need the right equipment.

  • That means investing in a DSLR or a mirrorless camera or a camera better suited for vlogging.
  • If you travel and vlog, find a camera for that. Also, have other things like a tripod, microphone, lenses, and studio lighting, and so on.
  • Having a good microphone is important because if the audience is unable to listen to your voice clearly, they will lose interest in your channel.
  • Similarly, a good ambiance and lightning condition is essential to keep people engaged with your video.
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5.      Customized thumbnails

Thumbnail tells people what to expect in the video, so make them appealing. To ensure that people click on your link, make sure you use a customized thumbnail. It means using an expression or image from the video itself.

There are tons of templates of Canva that can help you design your thumbnail professionally. It must engage people because it will help them decide whether they should click on your link or others. See a thumbnail as a book cover, and everyone judges the book by its cover.

6.      Cross-media promotion

Your YouTube channel will be successful and will provide monetary benefits only when you get a good number of subscribers and views. So, promoting your channel on other social media platforms are important.

Cross-promote your video or channel on Instagram and Facebook. Create a teaser of the video and publish it on Instagram stories, it will increase the hype.

7.      Have a structure and formula

No matter how random a video appears on YouTube, they are not. They have a formula and structure which creates a story compelling us to watch it. So, look for inspiration by watching other channels. Gradually, you will be able to create your structure and a story that will engage more people.

For instance: Having an introduction, a montage, a call to like or subscribe to the video, then getting into the content, then wrapping the whole video is the most basic structure.

These amazing tips can help you achieve success with your YouTube channel. The best advice to follow is to remain authentic and honest to your craft. Don’t lie to people, or be fake, as it is something people will catch on.

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