The podcast has become a preferred format for many people since you can consume it and learn while doing other things like cleaning the house or while driving.

The pandemic has prompted two issues in addition to frequent hand washing. The first is technology , since many companies had the need to migrate to the digital world to maintain their operations or even to survive. In fact, more companies have been digitized in two months of 2020 than in two years according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela “We have seen two years of digital transformation in two months”. The other issue is podcast consumption and is that according to Listen Notes, there are more than one billion listeners of podcasts and audiobooks worldwide.

In this context, here is a list of five podcasts on technology to improve your digital skills and prepare for the trends that 2021 holds.

Epic queen

Epic Queen is an organization dedicated to the inclusion of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Although they focus more on promoting female programmers and their inclusion in the industry.

On this topic, they have launched a podcast where they talk with successful women in the technology industry who give a lot of knowledge of great value to the audience and, above all, empower girls to follow their dreams.

The DEV Podcast

A program where Oscar Swanros and Zero Dragon talk about technology, software development, professional growth and any topic that is of interest to a developer or passionate about technology.

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I highly recommend this podcast if you are in the programming industry as they have a lot of valuable content for experienced developers and newbies.

It’s not witchcraft, it’s technology

Whether or not you are a technology expert, or if you just want to learn a little about the digital world , I highly recommend this podcast where in less than 20 minutes you can learn in detail and in a very simple way a topic of technology that surrounds us daily life.

The program covers topics such as the operation of our cell phone cameras, data privacy and even has an episode dedicated to the technological trends of this coming year.


A technology that is having more and more use is computing in the cloud. That is why I recommend this program in English that takes you on a journey through the cloud.

The podcast is hosted by Mike Pfeiffer , a 20-year tech industry veteran, entrepreneur and named Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. In addition, it has invited professionals who always add a lot of value to people interested in technology.

Geek Hunters: The Businesses Behind Your Gadgets

Finally, the business communication medium Expansión, launched a podcast where very interesting conversations are held with reporters and professionals from the technology industry.

In this program they talk from topics such as the best gadgets for your daily life, to cybersecurity. Everything, without neglecting the business perspective.

Although I mostly left you Spotify links , you can find these programs on other platforms. I recommend you listen to them and follow them since technology is something that is very present in our lives and we must learn to master it, not let it dominate us.

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