The conquest of new clients is always positive for the success of a company, but for that it is necessary to know the main techniques. So take a look at the best practices we’ve selected in this content.

Sales and Marketing always walk side by side.

With relevant content, your company attracts qualified leads and provides better opportunities for the sales team.

But that lead came and marked a meeting with the sales representative … And now? Now you need to conquer that lead and make a sale!

At that moment, sales techniques come into play and help sales rep convert another client for your company.

Today, we separate tips, doubts and techniques you need to know to win a customer!

Let’s start? Join us!

Focus on the consumer

A successful sales process is one that is not limited to what your company wants to say to leads, but also thinks about what they want.

This is an opportunity to improve the way your company presents its product to potential customers and increases the chances that you will impact each of the different needs of consumers.

The idea of selling a solution is much more effective than simply having a sales pitch ready . This is an approach that makes clear what the benefits of your product are and how it meets your lead’s needs.

It is an opportunity to present the points that give you an advantage over the competition and also reinforce why what you are offering is valuable to your leads.

Find the correct lead

Well, the lead generation process is going to add new business opportunities to the sales pipeline of sellers.

The truth is that not all of those leads are ready – or willing – to enter into negotiations with you. Add to that the obstacles that may appear along the way and you will have a challenge and so much ahead.

Ultimately, what really matters is finding the right person to make the sale. Sometimes a consultant is your contact, but to close that business you need to speak to the manager. How to get there? Through information .

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The more the salesperson knows about the business, the company, what its objectives, problems and plans are, the lower the chances of getting caught in secretaries, assistants and meetings that never happen.

Knowing what the lead really wants also gives the seller a chance to align his speech to make clear what benefits matter to that potential buyer.

In addition, all this information can be registered in a CRM, customer relationship management system , further facilitating this contact management process.

How to deal with objections

Being good at sales includes anticipating and handling any lead objections that prevent you from closing a sale.

This means that among your sales techniques, it is necessary to work on the ability to understand when a lead is ready to close the business, and what is the correct technique to make that sale.

A transaction is usually based on winning a sale, but actually knowing how to negotiate terms is also an important part of the process .

Like the start of a sale, the negotiation begins with the understanding of the client. What are you looking for? What are your problems? Questions? What sparks your interest? And, of course, what’s going to stop you from closing a purchase?

These are the famous objections.

Luckily 99% of customers love to talk about their business and their company, and this is the opportunity to learn more about the brand proposal directly from the source!

If the lead believes that you are working according to their interests, the probability that they will be more honest when working together to close an interesting business is much higher.

Challenge the Status Quo

A very common idea in the world of sales is that the sales process is linear. That is, a certain set of actions must be followed in order, always, no matter what happens.

Well, at that point in the championship you must have already perceived that it is not!

Leads look for services that solve their problems, but the ones they are really going to hire are those services that deliver something else . And they will know those added values ​​during the sale process.

Basically, a lead can make 3 choices: you, your competitor, or neither!

Obviously we want to capture that lead, but your biggest enemy here is the undecided lead. Studies show that between 20 and 60% of leads within the sales pipeline are lost for not deciding between options for a product or service.

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I mean, that money is not going anywhere.

When you challenge the status quo , the regulatory situation of everything around you, you reinforce for that lead that he needs from your company , and that the solution that you offer is the right choice for him.

Find the value of your product or service

Within a market, there are two basic value propositions: the one your product offers and the one your competitor offers.

However, that is a gray area in the middle of the world of service provision. This means that leads cannot clearly perceive the difference between the same product from two different companies.

This is called overlap , that is, a perception about something that is not clear. And that number is high! About 70% of leads cannot make this separation clearly.

So, you must ask yourself: how does my product stand out in the market and win the leads of the competition?

You must find out why he is valuable, what makes him indispensable .

Talking about what you offer is good, it’s the easy part. But what is it that makes it simply irresistible to your leads? Is it the design ? Characteristics? Cost-benefit?

The idea here is to focus on making it clear about what you can offer your leads that your competitor can’t, and that’s one of the main strengths of your team’s sales pitch.

Differentiation is one of the most neglected sales weapons by sellers .

What is the solution?

At the end of the day, how does your company solve the problems of leads?

In addition to the value of your offer, a good sales pitch is built on the real solution of what you offer.

Here at Rock, we offer quality content so you can nurture, qualify, and generate leads, and that’s an important part of any Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing strategy .

How to solve the problems that people face ?

This is about making it clear to leads why they have to hire your company and how what you offer in their day-to-day will be useful to them.

It’s now or never!

Doubts, objections, rescheduling of meetings. Every salesperson faces it daily and there is nothing worse than a doubting lead. Do you know what can solve this problem? The famous now or never .

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Many sales techniques considered essential rely on psychological tools to attract and motivate prospects to close a business.

Calm down, we are not talking about cheating on a lead, but rather giving them the incentive to hire that service that they know they need.

  • “That’s the last unit, run!”;
  • “20% discount to contract the service now!”;
  • “This offer is exclusive to you.”;
  • “We separate a list of benefits if you subscribe now!”

These phrases help create a sense of urgency and need that serves as that final incentive missing for your leads.

Many times, they recognize the importance of what is offered, but that push is to close a purchase soon!

The power of questions

Questions are gold tools for sellers. Remember we talked about how leads like to talk about their business?

Using the right questions, sellers get the most out of those conversations and get accurate information to close a sale.

Through a series of questions, it is possible to create the purchase desire in the lead and eliminate any objection that exists about that purchase.

It is even possible to close a sale through a question:

“In your opinion, what am I offering solves your problem?”

“Yes.” Ready!

If the answer is no, all right, the sale is not over yet. This is the time to find out what is missing for the lead to become a customer, after all, you are in a meeting with the seller, ready to talk more about your product.

It is all a question of what questions to ask, in each moment of the sales cycle.

The sales technique is aids to salespeople to get the most out of their sales speech and also to find the best way to approach each lead.

Each business segment – and each lead – has different needs, objectives and problems , which must be addressed individually within each commercial team. Therefore, it is only to adapt the techniques to the needs of each company and bombard your sales!

Every successful sales team comes with metrics and performance KPIs, do you want to know everything you need to build a good sales team?