Why Freelancers Need a VPN in 2021?
Why Freelancers Need a VPN in 2021?

Why VPN and Wi-Fi are so important to freelancers? Because, without these two important tools, a freelancer’s business can be severely affected. Think about it this way; what if your company had to close down due to financial damages caused by one employee accessing the Internet through his work computer? That’s right, you’re going to lose business. This is because the Internet can cause so many different problems for businesses, which is why a VPN and Wi-Fi are so necessary to prevent such issues.

Now back to why VPN and Wi-Fi are important to freelancers. A freelancer’s primary concern would be their safety. It’s likely that they have their own laptops, mobile devices, or even home computers that they use to maintain business connections. When a connection becomes vulnerable, there’s a big chance that someone could abuse this vulnerability, either for their own gain or to get close to the user. With the prevalence of public Wi-Fi hotspots in many areas, the Internet has the potential to expose a freelancer’s data to unscrupulous people who may want to take advantage of that person’s lack of security.

  • For a freelancer, being able to maintain security on their personal devices is extremely important. However, this isn’t always possible. If they have a public hotspot at their office, they may be vulnerable to attack from Internet hackers who can break into their network and obtain financial damages. With a VPN, these threats are nonexistent, which makes both a freelancer and their company more secure.
  • What about businesses? A business can also suffer damage from the Internet if their network is compromised. Even though there is software that can guard against hackers, the only way to ensure that the system will remain secure is to install the right firewall software. Without the right protections, a hacker could easily get into a business’s data and use it for their own personal gain or to launch an attack on another business.
  • Another reason why freelancers need a VPN in 2021 is that they may need to use their devices when travelling outside of the office. This may include using a mobile phone while walking the dog, or taking a coffee break. It doesn’t matter if the person is on public Wi-Fi, because as long as their device isn’t tied to any public Wi-Fi hotspots, they’ll be fine. However, if they’re going to use their own devices, they need to be protected. In this case, a VPN offers the perfect solution.
  • One of the most common reasons why someone would want to protect themselves from Internet threats is to prevent unauthorized access to their company’s data. This can come in the form of hacking, key loggers, or even just someone stealing personal data from their computer. When you use a VPN, data cannot be read on a client device by anyone other than the company that’s using it. All data is protected internally by the company’s network. Because of this, the data cannot be read on a portable device, such as a USB flash drive, which means that a hacker won’t be able to read the company’s confidential data.
  • Another way that freelancers need a VPN in 2021 is that they may want to connect to a smartphone or tablet via a hotspot, but are hesitant to do so due to data security. Even when using an Internet connection through a hotspot, data is still sent wirelessly, meaning that other individuals nearby have the chance to read it. With a VPN, all data sent through the Internet is protected internally by the VPN server. Even if someone does manage to gain access to the device, they will need an passwords or codes to gain access to everything that’s on it. This way, freelancers can use smartphones and tablets without worrying about being hacked into. As long as VPN servers are secure, there’s no way that personal or confidential information can be accessed by anyone who happens to be looking for it.
  • A lot of people think that using a VPN is something that’s only useful for businesses, but that’s not true at all. For example, journalists and news agencies often use VPNs to protect their sources. They also use them to get around blocking services like YouTube because they want to freely post videos online. As you can see, even freelancers need a VPN in 2150 because technology continues to evolve.
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