Top 3 Risks Involved in Artificial Intelligence
Top 3 Risks Involved in Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with creating intelligent robotic androids, computer programs that can respond to their surroundings, make decisions, and perform given tasks without the need for human input. These type of artificially intelligent robots will be able to work alongside their human companions, like in battle, and work in any capacity from serving as a guard dog, to being a hunter. Humans may one day have a computer chip implanted in their brains so that they can let the artificially intelligent computer pilot the robotic android fully trained to do any task required of the human being.

Top 3 risks involved in Artificial Intelligence are failures of AI, viruses and malware, and collapse of the computer network. These are all very real threats that we must consider. If we do not take these issues into consideration then we could be looking at a major catastrophe. Also if we do not deploy the systems adequately or implement the fixes quickly then this could cause a catastrophic failure. All these issues and more needs to be worked out thoroughly.

If we fail at delivering superior quality systems then we may have to rebuild all the equipment or recreate the operating system. This would cost a lot of money and take a long time to put into effect. Also if the system does fail there may be no backup and all data would need to be retrieved manually. The situation may become dire for those working on the system.

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If viruses were to gain access into the systems it could wipe out many of the data or run up huge costs. If the system failed there would also be a loss of face, reputation and business. A single virus or attack could wipe out months or maybe a year of work. This would not only be financially devastating to the company but also be a distraction to the owner and could cause the company to fold.

Computers and their networks are the lifeline of all businesses. If a system is ever attacked by a virus or worm it can bring down the entire network. In most cases the system is not damaged to the point it cannot be salvaged. However this could also happen. In fact the virus could spread so quickly that it could spread through the entire system within a few hours. All computers and telecommunications would be affected.

Computers and their networks are also what make the cyber world go around. It is possible for someone to hack into a system and harm a person or even company. There have already been a number of cases where things like this have happened. Hackers could cause serious problems and put a company at risk of not just one attack but multiple attacks.

Computers and their systems also store information which could become lost. This can be very serious if a company is in the business of storing and retrieving that information. If an employee found out that there files had been lost they could sue the company for negligence. That is why it is important to use passwords and locks on computer systems. An unauthorized user could easily break into the lock and access all of the files. This can be very bad if it happened while the employee was working.

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One other risk is that artificial intelligence could be in control of everything. If the system crashed it could shut down society. That would be catastrophic. We do not know if artificial intelligence is under control but we cannot predict what could happen.

If we study the history of the human race we will see that it is always in an unpredictable state of affairs. We cannot say for sure what our next step will be and that may cause unexpected disasters. In order to stay safe from any of these risks we should implement preventative measures and have a plan in place to deal with any of them. The top three risks involved in artificial intelligence are all extremely valid concerns and must be taken into consideration.

3 Risks Involved in AI

  • The first risk is the risk of mass panic. If something happens, everyone will be very afraid and that would cause a lot of problems. Large numbers of people would lose their ability to think logically and feel safe. People would run from the bank to their homes and the trains would stop. It might take days before people were able to return to work. The effects of a disaster like this are also devastating.
  • The second risk is that artificial intelligence could put us in a war. The creation of a super intelligent machine that was once a man made program could accidentally create a nuclear device. That would be devastating for everyone. While it might not cause total chaos, it could cause a great deal of loss of life.
  • The third risk is a much worse scenario; that is the risk of a terrorist attack using artificial intelligence against a large city. This could occur if terrorists figured out how to get Chinese computers on the Internet and into strategic places. All of the data would be available to them and they could us it to do damage. If you are not careful, all kinds of bad things could happen. As I said, no one is sure what will happen with artificial intelligence. But as scientists tell us all the time, we should be careful what we program our artificially intelligent computers to do.
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