Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is an open-source platform that allows you to quickly create a dynamic website, mobile app, e-mail newsletter, profile, and so much more. They run purely on JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages used for creating interactive websites. They are simple to develop and implement. The main benefits of PWA include: it’s fast, it’s easy to learn, and it’s secure. Since they are based on high quality browser technologies, your website will load quickly on both PCs and mobile phones.

Features of Progressive Web Apps


There is no need to wait while your app loads! As soon as you open the page, your app is ready to go. With many Progressive Web Apps, you can see the loading icon even while your webpage is loading. You can always open a new tab in your browser to continue working on your page.

Responsive Design

Progressive web apps are built using responsive design principles. This means that your app is designed to adapt its content to different devices. It’s not necessary for users to see a desktop version on their smartphone or tablet. Also, images and interactive elements are fluid and can change across different devices. This ensures that your site looks great on every device and with all screen sizes. Responsive designs also allow your site to adjust to the size of a user’s finger that improves usability.

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Offline Notifications

You can get Push notifications when your users move their computers or phone. In case of mobile device users, these notifications come from the nearest wireless network. For desktop versions you can get the notifications through email. Progressive web apps have built using this concept where you can set the time that your Progressive Web App sends its Loading progress notification.

Search Filters

Progressive Web Apps allow you to perform basic searches. With this feature you can search for anything. You can enter any text in the search field and the search will display the matching item with the relevant information. This makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for. You can also perform advanced searches using keywords or specific text.


Users are constantly online these days and Progressive Web Apps give you the opportunity to provide them with instant and immediate access. Once the user opens the Progressive Web App, the user engagement flow begins. The user gets to explore the entire site without getting lost along the way.

Secured Data Storage

A popular problem faced by Progressive Web Apps is data leakage. Due to the design of Progressive Web Applications, information from confidential and protected areas is not visible to the users. To prevent sensitive information from leaking, Progressive Web Apps use a private connection to store such information on secure servers. In order to access this information, the private connection is required which ensures your app is well protected from leaked sensitive information.

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High scalability

As a Progressive Web App delivers rich media content, your app can grow very quickly. It is very easy to add new pages and data and it is very fast to change the content of your page as well. Compared to traditional web browsers, PWA uses a highly efficient & scalable technology called Service Layer. This promises high scalability so that your website does not experience heavy data usage.

Cross platform compatibility

Progressive Web Apps are compatible with all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others. Since PWA is a native app, it also offers great cross platform compatibility. You can install the PWA on almost any device. Android, IOS and Blackberry devices are just some of the mobile devices that can run PWA effortlessly. Moreover, Native Android and IOS apps can also run on Progressive Web Apps since they have been adapted for mobile devices too.

Responsive Design

Since PWA utilizes a native application technology, it renders correctly across various mobile devices. The user experience is not affected at all by changing the content size on Progressive Web Apps. Even if you buy an expensive iPhone, you can surf the Internet on it without any problems.


Native applications and Progressive Web Apps can be easily customized according to the needs of the user. For instance, if a user wants to see the latest price of the iPhone in his favorite color, he can simply drag the iPhone image on the Progressive Web app and change the color to his liking. Similarly, if he wants to see the time temperature of his favorite team, he can easily change it.

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These features of PWA make them ideal for businesses providing mobile customer relation and social media management services. The best thing is that you do not need to spend a huge sum of money in order to advertise or promote your product/service via these apps as they are readily available from the Apple app store and the Google play app store.