Cybercrimes and Steps to Prevent and Control
Cybercrimes and Steps to Prevent and Control


Cybercrimes are taking over the cyber space with increasing frequency. Cyber criminals and hackers attack personal computers, business computers and any other device that connects to the World Wide Web. In order to stay protected from cybercrimes, every individual needs to take certain preemptive measures. The internet is a vast source of cyber information and cyber activities. Thus, it becomes imperative for individuals to be aware of the latest cyber activities so that they can protect their computers, websites and other networked devices from becoming victims of cyber criminals.

Prevention of Cybercrimes

The Prevention of Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Act 2021 has been formulated to provide basic steps to prevent and control cybercrimes. These measures have been formulated to curb the growing tendency of such crimes in the world. All types of data can be hacked. Thus, all types of personal information like name, address, etc. can be accessed by cyber criminals and used for ulterior motives.

Prevention is the first line of defense against cybercrimes and cybersecurity threats. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you update yourself on current trends. You should also try to detect the emerging patterns and trends. If you can keep your antivirus updated, you will be able to detect any attempt to hack into your system.

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Apart from this, you should get rid of all types of malicious software, tools or programs that are downloaded over the internet. There are several reasons behind the increasing popularity of cybercrimes. One is the availability of internet and another is the development of malicious software. Most of the malicious software developers have their roots in the IT industry.

Most people working in IT are not aware of the potential security threats posed by the internet. The growth of malicious software like viruses, spyware, malware and hacking is so rampant that it is hard to imagine anyone who works over the internet is unaware of the danger lying ahead. The reason for this is the continued growth of the IT sector. Many new corporations are coming up every day and so the chances of getting infected by a malicious program increase. In fact, many people have already fallen victim to these cybercrimes.

Steps to Prevent Cybercrimes

Avoid illegal websites

If you stay in touch with your computer on a regular basis, you will be able to detect the onset of a cybercrime before it materializes. The only way to get protected against these malicious software is by avoiding the websites which are used to gain illegal access to information. It will be prudent if you only use websites which are secured.

Update your antivirus regularly

Another thing you should do is get into the habit of updating your antivirus regularly. It is advisable that you install the most updated anti-malware programs because they have the capability to detect and remove the latest threats that are being made online. If you are using an email client, you should make sure that you are only using a secured server to exchange information. You can also protect your computer by installing anti-virus and spyware software and by following recommendations from experts.

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Becareful when downloading files and sharing your identity online

It is important to note that there are several cybercrimes and steps to prevent and control when using the internet. You should be especially careful when downloading files and sharing your identity online. Be wary of emails which offer free downloads. It is best that you purchase these things through reputable companies and when in doubt go for a paid download.

Change your password when required

Cybercrimes include the misuse of passwords and social security number. It is advisable that you change your password every now and then. If you think that a particular website is asking for your personal information, it is best that you change your information immediately. Always make sure that you check the expiration date before you fill in your personal information. Moreover, you must be very careful with your financial information and always remember to keep your bank account numbers, pin numbers and passwords protected at all times.

Never respond to unsolicited emails

Cybercrimes include the use of fake emails and accounts in order to gain access to other people’s personal information. It is best that you block all messages that do not seem to be relevant or legitimate and never respond to unsolicited emails. You can also scan all your incoming emails to ensure that they are all safe and not carrying harmful attachments. It is also wise to limit the time you spend on the internet especially when you are in your office. There are many instances wherein viruses have spread through email like a deadly virus. Therefore, make sure that you have an effective anti-virus software installed in your computer at all times.

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Never provide any personal information or passwords to fake sites

Cybercrimes include the use of fake websites as well as phishing scams to obtain personal information. Many sites posing as reputable companies will lure you to enter your personal information and passwords. Never provide any personal information or passwords to these bogus sites. Always keep in mind that scammers will always find ways to steal your identity whether it is online or offline. Hence, it is best that you stay updated about the latest news and developments in the cyber world and secure your personal information at all times.