Payment with cryptocurrencies in your business: what you should know

As of this writing, a single Bitcoin (a cryptocurrency) is worth more than 770 thousand Mexican pesos or 38,700 US dollars. And even though its...

Why Your Business Needs A CRM

Why Your Business Needs a CRM? A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial tool that can help you and your company grow by...

Will a Chatbot Really Save Your Company Money?

You send a message asking for information. The response is friendly, polite, and sometimes even playful. “What a cool company,” you think. The speed is uncanny. The...

Work From Anywhere Platforms For Employee Wellbeing

The ‘new normal’ (since the global pandemic) fastened the inevitable digital transformation for most businesses. Studies show that the global spend in digital transformations...
Cloud Services

4 Cloud Services That do a Lot More Than Just Store Data

It’s 2018, and the cloud still manages to draw puzzled looks from many a CIO the world over. Part of the reason why this...

3 Powerful Ways for Businesses to Beat the Pandemic

Adaptation is a survival strategy that nature has adopted successfully for the most part. As National Geographic notes, adaptation is derived from the challenges an organism faces in...

Bitcoin Cycles and How They’ve Evolved Over Time

When trying to understand the potential future price growth of an instrument, there are a variety of ways to do that, depending on the...

Apple solves security flaws with update for iPhone and iPad

Apple annually renews the version of iOS and iPadOS, the operating systems of its iPhone and iPad respectively, to include news, improve performance, provide...
IT leadership

Businesses must adapt to changes in IT leadership

With digital transformation leading the way, most companies are transforming holistically. Companies that are further ahead on the transformation maturity curve will seek to reinvent...
Zoom Calls

Enhance Your Zoom Calls With This Video Kit

Over the past year, we've gotten pretty used to working from home. And yet it still never felt quite permanent. Now, however, according to UpWork,...

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